authors and illustrators, a-c.

Authors' homepages are either by the authors themselves, educators/resource collectors, or devoted fans (especially when said author is dead). I have not listed any publisher pages; they're not usually as comprehensive. (Updated 7 3 10)


Tony Abbott
Alma Flor Ada (Warning: music)
Bruce Adelson
C.S. Adler
David A. Adler
Dan and Kim Adlerman (AKA "Kin Eagle")
Jaime Adoff
Joan Aiken
Louisa May Alcott
Stephen Alcorn
Arlene Alda
My adopted godfather, Lloyd Alexander (I miss you.)
Sue Alexander
R.W. Alley
Deb Allie
Barbara Allman
David Almond
Elaine Marie Alphin
Berthe Amoss
Laurie Halse Anderson
M.T. Anderson
William T. Anderson
Catherine and Laurence Anholt
An Na
Kim Antieau
Nancy Antle
Kathi Appelt
Philip Ardagh
Edward Ardizzone's "Diary of a War Artist"
Jennifer Armstrong
Caroline Arnold
Tedd Arnold
Jim Arnosky
Marc Aronson
Mike Artell
Frank Asch
Brent Ashabranner
Sandy Asher
Bernard Ashley
Catherine Atkins
Jeannine Atkins
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Mary Jane Auch (pronounced OWK)
Inge Auerbacher
Amy Axelrod
Jim Aylesworth
Mary Azarian


Babar (who is an imaginary elephant)
Brod Bagert
Ken Baker
Bruce Balan
Haemi Balgassi
Kristen Balouch
Molly Bang
Lynne Reid Banks
Timothy Banks
Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies
John Barnes
Nancy Barnet
Tracy Barrett
T.A. Barron
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Chris Barton
Barbara Bash
Catherine Bateson
Stephanie Baudet
Cat Bauer
Joan Bauer
Marion Dane Bauer
Ann Bausum
Nina Bawden
Carlyn Beccia
David Belbin
Cathleen Davitt Bell
Clare Bell
Hilari Bell
Krista Bell
John Bellairs
Not a site, but an offbeat tribute to Ludwig Bemelmans
Cherie Bennett
James W. Bennett
Mildred Wirt Benson (author of the original Nancy Drew stories)
Barbara Helen Berger (pronouced BER-jer)
Carin Berger
Jody Bergsma
Liz Berry
Raymond Bial
Carl Biemiller
Phil Bildner
Paige Billin-Frye
Franny Billingsley
Mark Binder
Jeanne Birdsall
Tom Birdseye
Gavin Bishop
Steve Bjorkman
Holly Black
Terence Blacker
Malorie Blackman
Gary Blackwood
Molly Blaisdell
Jon Blake (warning: music)
Quentin Blake
Robert Blake
Harry Bliss
Francesca Lia Block (hooray!)
Elizabeth Bluemle
Judy Blume
Lesley M.M. Blume
Enid Blyton, the British Stratemeyer Syndicate (so to speak)
The Bobbsey Twins
Tom Bodett, host of the late lamented Loose Leaf Book Company
Don Bolognese
Crosby Bonsall
Coe Booth
Louise Borden
Fred Bortz
Barbara Bottner
David Bouchard
Paddy Bouma
Betsy Bowen
Fred Bowen
Tim Bowler
David Boyd
T.C. Boyle
Denis Boyles
Sandra Boynton
Karleen Bradford
The world of Brambly Hedge
Henrietta Branford
Sylvia Branzei and Jack Keely (the Grossology people)
Richard Brassey
Libba Bray
Linda Crotta Brennan
Theresa Breslin
Jan Brett
Janeen Brian
Edward Briant
Sue Ellen Bridgers
Raymond Briggs
Larry Dane Brimner
Pat Brisson
Amy (Agnes-Mary) Brooke
Calef Brown
Craig Brown
Don Brown
Marcia Brown
Margaret Wise Brown
Susan Taylor Brown
N.M. Browne
Alyssa Brugman
Jane Buchanan
Marina Budhos
Margaret Buffie
Emma Bull and Will Shetterly
Clyde Robert Bulla
Melvin Burgess
Stephanie Burgis
Niki Burnham
Virginia Lee Burton
Timothy Bush
Rebecca Busselle
Anne Bustard
Amy Butler
Charles Butler
Toni Buzzeo
Betsy Byars
Janie Bynum


Meg Cabot (AKA Jenny Carroll)
Michael Cadnum
Marian Calabro
Deb Caletti
Dia Calhoun
Stephanie Calmenson
Patricia Calvert
Mercè Canela
Ann Cameron
Elisa Carbone
Janet Lee Carey
Eric Carle (and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art)
Giora Carmi (who is male)
Clay Carmichael
Isobelle Carmody
Jeff Carney
Angelica Shirley Carpenter
Nancy Carlson
Paul Carrick
Joan Carris
Alden Carter
David A. Carter
Mary Brooke Casad
Mary Casanova
Judith Caseley
Kristin Cashore
Robert Casilla
Cathy Cassidy
Cecil Castellucci (who is female)
Dominic Catalano
Dori Chaconas
Roxane Chadwick
Andrew Chaikin
Marsha Wilson Chall
Aidan Chambers
Gillian Chan
Remy Charlip
Suzy McKee Charnas
Normand Chartier
Martin Chatterton
J.B. Cheaney
Karyn Follis Cheatham
Yong Chen
Christopher Cheng
Yangsook Choi
Eileen Christelow
John Christopher
John Clapp
Margaret Clark
Sherryl Clark
Beverly Cleary
Brian P. Cleary
David Clement-Davies
Andrew Clements
Catherine Clinton
Vicki Cobb's Kids' Science Page
Ann Coburn
Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Esmé Raji Codell
Judith Ortiz Cofer
Nancy Coffelt
Rachel Cohn
Susane Colasanti
Babette Cole
Henry Cole
Evelyn Coleman
Michael Coleman
Eoin Colfer (first name pronounced "Owen")
Sneed B. Collard III
Pat Lowery Collins
Paul Collins
Suzanne Collins
Jane Leslie Conly
Kate Constable
Celeste Conway
David Conway
Elisha Cooper
Floyd Cooper
Helen Cooper and Ted Dewan
Susan Cooper
Kat Corbett
David (D.M.) Cornish
Ralph Cosentino
Joan Cottle
Bruce Coville
Joy Cowley
Kinuko Y. Craft
Amanda Craig
Sharon Creech
Marty Crisp (who is female)
Alison Croggon
Gillian Cross
Shutta Crum
Susan Stevens Crummel
Chris Crutcher
Priscilla Cummings
Curious George (who is a monkey)
Jane Louise Curry
Marci Curtis
Doug Cushman
Karen Cushman
Ivor Cutler
Jane Cutler
Margery Cuyler

more resources.

Don Gallo's Authors 4 Teens
McDougall Littell has a number of excellent author/student interviews
The Internet Public Library has an "Ask the Author" page, featuring Natalie Babbitt, the late Robert Cormier, and Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, among others.
Kay Vandergrift's Author/Illustrator Pages are way comprehensive.
As is Denise Ortakales' overview of women who illustrate children's books.
The Washington Children's Book Guild has lots of member sites linked.
If you don't know how to pronounce someone's name, go to TeachingBooks, and you can hear the answer from the source.

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