my mother in full bloom.

a few years after this photo, she gave me the suit; it was great for job interviews.  i still wear the jacket all the time.  it is, as you might expect, a classic.

Here's my mother in late 1981, which would make her 47. I originally pulled out this photo for my annual "Motherless Mother's Day," where I get together with other friends who are motherless daughters. We have brunch (this year it was at the New Leaf Café, where we were surrounded by family constellations anchored, of course, by mothers), pass around photos, and talk about our moms. It is surprising how much we all have in common.

Since almost no one believes me when I tell them how much I resemble my mother, I decided to provide proof. The designer who scanned the photo looked at it, looked at me, and said: "Is this you in vintage clothes?" Enough said. (Except for this: the page is coded "firstsdn.html" because her initials were SDN ... and she gave those to me, too.)

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